Bardon Community Kindy Philosophy

‘Our Place in the Park’

‘We are nurturing the life and growth of our community’


  • to support/build with professionalism/love/compassion.
  • the ‘ing’ represents the ongoing nature of our Kindy, our position in the community and acknowledging our history.


  • To reflect the ‘now’ – living in the moment and celebrating childhood as a valued part of life, rather than a preparation for life.
  • To live is to learn (education)
  • Intentionally chosen to reflect all elements in life from the happiest times to the most challenging times.
  • To reflect the holistic experiences (living), learning, life skills & processes that are promoted and celebrated.


  • Holistic – not just physical growth – intellectual, social, spiritual
  • Lifelong learners
  • Reflecting awareness and progressive approach to the complex and rapidly evolving world and technologies in our future.


  • Encompassing all citizens who are members of our Kindy, past, present and future and acknowledging their important role, support and guidance in the management and running of the Kindy.
  • Reflecting our connection with community – including networking and transition arrangements with local schools.

Philosophy Statements

A concerted and continuous commitment toward the following statements is nurtured at all times by all involved within our organisation.

  • We are early childhood education teachers, specialists and professionals.
  • We support, celebrate and advocate for play and hands-on inquiry across multiple languages/intelligences as essential and meaningful means for learning and living.
  • We acknowledge children’s innate passion for learning and strive to empower their curiosity across all times and contexts.
  • Our Place is an important part of who we are and what we do.
  • We acknowledge, respect and celebrate the historical and cultural significance of our place and those who we share it with or have been here before us.
  • We strive to authentically embed indigenous knowledges and perspectives across all elements of our organisation.
  • We view and value our environment (natural and constructed) as the third teacher.
  • We strive to support and promote people’s (children and adults) right to be healthy and safe (from a holistic perspective).
  • We value nature play provision as an essential element of childhood.
  • We respect children’s rights as competent, autonomous and intelligent citizens of our Kindy, our community and our world.
  • We strive to empower children’s autonomy by promoting fundamental life skills and processes.
  • We strive to approach our work through a lens of compassion, inclusiveness, sustainability and understanding.
  • Positive, meaningful and inclusive relationships are the foundation and priority of our work.
  • We believe engagement with parents, families and our wider community is essential to the provision of high quality education.