Our Program

Our Curriculum

Play, intrinsic curiosity and inquiry are essential

The children and teachers at Bardon Kindy make up a learning community that through a foundation of meaningful relationships and trust engage in curriculum design on a daily basis. This curriculum is supplemented by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, along with the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards which have been specifically designed to promote and enrich learning for Kindergarten aged children.

The environment, routine and rituals are intentionally constructed to respond to the diverse interests, knowledges and experiences of the core protagonists of the educational program – the children. This ensures that all children are empowered to engage with intent and purpose in all elements of the day. Essential skills, processes, knowledge and dispositions are promoted through intentional teaching and co constructed social learning.

Children are encouraged to explore and communicate their thinking, curiosities, experiences, knowledges and delight through diverse expressive languages and media. They are valued as autonomous and competent members of our learning community and are supported to manage their own needs and belongings throughout the day.

Our learning environments, both indoors and out, are thoughtfully designed and set up as active participants in the dynamic interactions, learning and play that happens within them– they are the third teacher. We intend for our place to be warm, inviting, safe, stimulating and filled with infinite possibility. Our spaces (or studios) are open ended, equipped with rich and diverse resources, including loose parts, and are constantly taking on new and original purpose as directed by children’s creativity and play.

The environment and program is designed with intent to promote holistic learning, including social, physical, emotional and cognitive which provides strong foundations for successful transitions to Prep and a lifelong love of learning.

The following are the elements that are offered within a day at Bardon Community Kindy. The stability and continuity of our teaching staff and class groups allows us to develop strong routines, rituals and learning cultures that permeate across the program. However, the timing of these elements is flexible and is influenced by the focuses and direction of the educational curriculum which is constantly being informed and refined by the teaching staff, children and families.

Elements of our day

  • Arrive and complete morning jobs
  • Gather and greet
  • Class meeting (may include):
    • Literacy session (reading and exploration of literature)
    • Drama
    • Whole class projects
    • Music and Dance
    • Group science experimentation and discussion
    • Knowledge sharing and research
    • Yoga/physical movement
  • Transition games and challenges
  • First meal
  • Outdoor work/play session
  • Tidy up
  • Physical Challenge and transition
  • 2nd meal break
  • Transition work (may include):
    • Puzzles
    • Board Games
    • Drawing
    • Design and construction
    • Scientific exploration
    • Quiet reading
  • Class meeting (as above)
  • Planning meeting
  • Indoor project work/play session
  • Tidy up
  • Gather – reflection/relaxation
  • 3rd meal break
  • Rest (Sleep is not essential at rest time. Rest time is a quiet time to think, plan and reflect on experiences without the ‘doing’. Children may engage in individual quiet activities such as reading, writing/drawing or busy bags).